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If you think unique is chic and cringe at the sight of a "Live, Laugh, Love" poster, then Big Thrift Energy will teach you everything you need to know about shopping for affordable vintage home decor and styling it in a modern home.

Antiquing can be intimidating: how do you know if a piece is worth salvaging? How do you navigate the piles of merchandise at a thrift store or estate sale? Part resource, part inspiration, Big Thrift Energy is a comprehensive guide that offers tips for thrifting that you never knew you needed: How to shop for the good stuff, how to upcycle and style vintage treasures in your home, and even advice for flipping your most-coveted items to turn a profit. Plus, the author shares her all-time best finds, from a Goyard trunk worth upwards of $10,000 (scored for $90) to a floor-length vintage Christian Dior cape, a $10 Goodwill find.
Big Thrift Energy will teach you:

* Where to shop for, how to style, and how to sell thrift finds
* The best things to buy used, and which items to pass on
* How to upcycle something old into something "you" and make it fit beautifully in your home
* How to tell when something is valuable, and tips for reselling it to make a profit




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